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"Se Habla... La Cultura "

"...the Culture"

"The City of Roses " is the second largest city in Mexico , located in the state of Jalisco in the central portion of Mexico . The city is thought of as the 'most Mexican' of cities; Guadalajarans, or Tapatíos, and visitors all appreciate Guadalajara for its mild, spring like sunshine, its foods and music and its historic monuments, buildings, art and culture. The word Guadalajara comes from the Arabic wad al hadjarah "river of stones" as the city sits in the Atemajac Valley where human relics date back 10,000 years. The history of this region is filled with civilizations, conquests, colonizations and conflicts ... the study of the area is a study of anthropology over the millenniums and volumes have been written to chronicle its growth and change.

Although Guadalajara sprawls out over 100 miles , the heart of the city is a mere square mile, in the center of the city. Cathedrals, plazas, parks, monuments, museums and theatres are within easy walking distance throughout the Centro Histórico. But, scattered all throughout the city are parks, statues, museums and plazas. The surrounding pueblos of Zapopan , (za-pó-pan) Tlaquepaque , (ta-laque-páki), and Tonalá (tone-a-lá) are now part of the metropolitan area and are easily accessible by bus, taxi or car. Tlaquepaque is world famous for its upscale shopping, Tonalá for its artesanía crafts and rústicos and Zapopan for its baroque basilica, home of the renowned Virgin of Zapopan. On October 12, literally, millions of pilgrims walk from the downtown cathedral in Guadalajara to Zapopan to pay homage to this virgin who legend says rescued Guadalajara from war and disaster.

Architecture in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


Guadalajara is considered by the US State Department to be a very safe city for foreign travel. Usual and typical precautions are advised for foreign travelers of all ages. 

There has been so much written about this city of 5 million people that an incoming student could read and read about all it has to offer ... Guadalajara simply is a grand and magnificent city with absolutely every amenity that large cities offer... restaurants, plazas, cathedrals, Mercado's, galleries, dancing, theatres, and much, so much more!

Guadalajara is, also, considered the birthplace of several things "typically Mexican": the wonderful love songs of the mariachi, the flirtatious Jarabe tapatío (known to gringos as the Mexican hat dance), and charreadas (rodeos).

Tequila production in Jalisco, Mexico   Charreadas in Guadalajara


As a mega metropolitan area, Guadalajara will offer the language student a wealth of possibilities and excitement to push the student to higher levels of communication and comprehension. Just like the language, when taken in manageable sections, GDL can be managed and learned by the most beginning or advanced student of all ages.

Surrounding Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque and Tonalá are areas like Lake Chapala,the little famous town of Chapala, Ajijic Jocotepec approximately 1 hours' drive from the Plaza del Sol, one of the largest shopping plazas in Guadalajara. These pueblos house a significant population of American and Canadian visitors who live there on a partial or year round basis.

The most famous area for production of tequila, Tequila, is approximately a 45 minute trip outside of Guadalajara . Fascinating for even the teetotalers!

As a language student in Guadalajara , you will have ample time and opportunity to practice the language and culture of Mexico among friendly and patient people who will appreciate your efforts to communicate, regardless of your level of proficiency. Cultural differences and misunderstandings often create more communication problems than vocabulary! You will learn culturally appropriate interactive skills as you learn the language.

Our instructors will give information to you about where the 'Tapatios' or native Guadalajarans like to eat, shop and enjoy their culture ... a peek into the city that other organizations cannot provide ... tell us what you would like to experience!







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